Public Law

Administrative Law

• Representation and consultancy in bidding procedures, as well as drafting objections when declared to be unqualified or disqualified, administrative appeals, judicial measures and inherent resources;
• Consultancy for the third sector: social organizations, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations of public interest;
• Guidance in drawing up corporate statutes and participation in assemblies of the entities of the third sector;
• Guidance and advice about grants, permits, concessions, authorisations and other forms of contracting between private entities and public administration;
• Analysis, negotiation and preparation of administrative contracts, in particular those for the concession of services and public works;
• Review and discussion of terms of authorisation/permission to use common assets;
• Representation and legal assistance to ministries, public offices and regulatory agencies, etc;
• Judicial representation in cases of administrative improbity, class actions and public civil actions, etc.;
• Judicial representation for the defence of individual interests, claimant or defendant, in areas of Administrative Law.

Tax Law

• Administrative and judicial litigation;
• Challenge of infraction notices and levying of fines (AIIM) and follow-up of administrative proceedings;
• Defense in tax enforcement proceedings (exception of pre-enforcement and enforcement injunctions).

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