Medical Law

The number of lawsuits against physicians and other health professionals is growing year by year in Brazil. However, most of these actions are unfounded. To get an idea, about 80% of them are dismissed in the courts. Still, the mere fact that a doctor has his name involved in a negative cause can significantly jeopardize his career.
This explains why the close relationship between self-employed professionals of health care institutions and a lawyer is so important.
Taking this into consideration, KJM has become specialized over the years in providing legal services in the Medical Law field, with particular emphasis on court cases, defending doctors in cases of civil liability due to alleged medical error.
The excellent results achieved by the team with medical area clients are due to a practice that is highly valued in the office: technical involvement that goes far beyond legal issues is the standard for each case we are entrusted with. This research includes, in addition to literary research, consultation with reliable sources in the health field. It is a successful strategy – identifying elements that make it possible to translate information from a specific area into legal language. In this way, we reach an improved and, therefore, better understanding by the courts of the relevant technical aspects of each case.
The work in this specialised branch focuses on the following aspects:

• Preventive consulting;
• Preparing informed consent forms;
• Liability for damages;
• Criminal investigations and proceedings; etc.

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