Civil Law

Real Estate Law

• Legal support for the approval of real estate projects;
• Legal advice about the purchase and sale of real estate, obtaining documentation, leasing procedures and related actions;
• Legal advice in rural real estate transactions;
• Contracts for planning, construction and real estate management;
• Possessory cases;
• Petitioning cases;
• Expropriation;
• Usucaption (acquisitive prescription);
• Neighborhood rights;
• Administration of jointly-owned real estate in form of condominium, etc.
• Mergers, demergers, establishment of jointly-owned real estate in the form of condominium, land allotment.

Family Law and Inheritance

• Alteration of the marriage property regime;
• Legally established requirements for marriage;
• Dissolution of marriage;
• Judicial and extrajudicial divorce;
• Recognition of a de facto and a stable union;
• Recognition of same-sex union;
• Sharing of property;
• Alimony cases;
• Modification of guardianship cases;
• Parental alienation;
• Grant of visiting rights;
• Adoption;
• Guardianship: shared or unilateral and regulation of child visiting rights
• Legal removal of family power;
• Parental alienation;
• Guardianship;
• Custody;
• Prohibition;
• Recognition of paternity;
• Modification of property regime;
• Prenuptial agreement;
• Judicial and extrajudicial seizure;
• Judicial and extrajudicial inventory;
• Wills;
• Codicils, riders, etc.

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