Business Law


• Judicial representation of the clients in the most diverse cases related to business law, involving, among others, civil liability, insurance, leasing, brands and patents, franchises, real estate and consumers matters;
• Judicial collection and recovery of credit, in enforcement, debt collection and monitoring proceedings, as well as in bankruptcy proceedings and the judicial recovery of companies;
• Specialized practice in Civil Procedural Law, conducting and accompanying proceedings in the High Courts and in lower and appeal courts.

Banking Law

• Assistance in the analysis and renegotiation of bank contracts (financing, loan, leasing, fiduciary sale, opening of credit, foreign exchange contracts, among others);
• Judicial review of bank financing due to the collection of abusive and capitalized interest payments, as well as undue charges;
• Analysis of financial indebtedness and advice on the management of bank liabilities;
• Assessment of the credit situation of companies in financial difficulty and the respective guarantees;
• Legal advice and follow-up of company recovery proceedings.

Corporate Law

• Preparation of contracts and articles of association, shareholders’ and partners’ agreements, minutes of meetings and other corporate documents.
• Establishment and structuring of new businesses and corporate companies;
• Legal advice for start-ups;
• Implementation of corporate reorganisation operations (transformation, merger, acquisition, spin-off and absorption);
• Due diligence;
• Legal advice in the purchase and sale of companies, equity interests, assets and commercial or industrial establishments;
• Legal litigation in relation to corporate disputes involving partners or shareholders.

Commercial/Contracts Law

• Analysis, negotiation, preparation and review of contracts of purchase and sale, supply, distribution, import and export, franchising, factoring, commercial representation, rendering of services etc.;
• Preparation, review and negotiation of preliminary contracts (memorandums of understanding (MOU), letters of intent (LI) and confidentiality and non-competition agreements);
• Preparation, review and negotiation of contracts in the field of civil construction and real estate projects (contract for works, administration and management of works);
• Legal advice about the transfer of obligations, with credit assignment and taking on debt contracts, as well as in the preparation, review and negotiation of contracts related to that transfer;
• Consultancy on intellectual property issues (brands and patents/copyrights), and preparation of related contracts (licensing and assignment of intangible assets);
• Litigation involving counterfeiting, unfair competition, infringements of trade names, trademarks, Internet domains, “piracy”, software, digital technology, including promoting search and seizure proceedings and liability for damages.

International Trade and Customs Law

• Establishment and qualification of companies to deal in foreign trade;
• Presentation of administrative and judicial measures for the release of retained goods;
• Action directed at the relevant bodies (ANAC, ANVISA, ARMY) for international trade operations in a preventive or litigious manner.

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