Business Law

Judicial representation of the client in the most diverse civil and corporate actions involving, among others, issues of civil liability, insurance, leasing, trademarks and patents, franchises, real estate and consumer.

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Medical Law

Keeping in mind this need, the KJM has specialized over the years in the provision of legal services in the area of Medical Law, with particular emphasis on the judicial action in defense of doctors in cases of civil liability for medical error.

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Environmental Law

Elaboration of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR). Environmental Feasibility Study for acquisition of rural and urban properties. Preventive environmental advice. Technical support for the elaboration of environmental legislation.

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About KJM

The KIKKO & JACQUES DE MORAES ADVOGADOS (KJM) Law Office was established in 2003 in the city of São José dos Campos. The office is the result of combination of interests of partners Alexandre Kikko, Marcos Jacques de Moraes and Témi Costa Corrêa Know more

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